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HBS Real Estate Weekend "Thanks Warren Buffet: Why We're Bullish on Mobile Home Portfolios" - Speaker, Boston, MA, April 9, 2016

NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate "Dallas' Impending Luxury Apartment Oversupply: Strategies to Invest Quickly when the Market Turns" - Keynote Speaker, New York, NY, May 11, 2016

About the Author

Current Company: TriGate Capital

TriGate Capital is a real estate private equity fund in Dallas, TX with $1.2bn in assets under management (AUM). The fund makes value-add and opportunistic investments in retail, office, and real estate operating companies.

Prior Company: RRC Holdings

Founder & Managing Partner of a multi-family and residential portfolio investment company based in NYC. Debt and equity were raised on a deal-by-deal basis, with a primary focus on portfolios of pre-fabricated homes.

Earlier Roles: Deloitte & Tri State Ventures

Former Associate in the Real Estate Consulting Practice in NYC. The group supports real estate private equity funds with asset valuations and consulting services. Prior experiences included working as a Venture Capital Analyst for Tri State Ventures in New York.